Community Commitment


Volunteering makes us happy.

We love connecting to the broader community, taking what we're good at (and sometimes what we're just enthusiastic about, like building houses) and sharing it with others.

Causes we actively support


Children of the Nations (COTN)

COTN helps orphaned and destitute children in the USA, Dominican Republic, Africa and Haiti, operating homes, schools, farms, skill centers and village food centers. It has over 400 US and international staff, tens of thousands of volunteers, and provides help daily to more than 23,000 children.

Every year Thom travels to the Dominican Republic to assist in a COTN home­building program.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a world leader in addressing the issue of affordable housing for low ­income families. Since its founding in 1976, it has helped build safe, decent homes for 6.8 million people. Thom participates in its Bellevue fundraiser each year.

Rotary International

Rotary's mission is to provide service to others and advance world understanding and peace through the fellowship of business, professional and community leaders. Its Poulsbo North Kitsap Rotary Foundation raises about $100,000 each year, which is used for community service and international humanitarian projects. Brad was an active member of the Poulsbo North Kitsap Rotary Foundation for more than 10 years, stepping down in 2015. He served for several years as the Club's treasurer, and is a past president and treasurer of the PNKR Foundation. He also volunteered frequently on work parties for local projects.


AARP Tax­Aide

For the last several federal income tax seasons, Brad has prepared tax returns as a volunteer with AARP's Tax­Aide program in Kitsap County, Washington. Each year, the program helps thousands of people fill out their forms correctly at no charge.

Allison Spielman's annual tradition

Each Thanksgiving, we ask each of our clients to choose a favorite charity, and then we donate $30 to it. Recipients have included Global Visionaries, the Bellingham Music Club, the Salvation Army, the East Bay Community Law Center, the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Nature Conservancy.
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      Financial Satisfaction Survey


      Directions: The statements below will help you to think about and assess how satisfied you are with many aspects of your financial life. Indicate your level of satisfaction for each statement with stars.
      (1 star = "Not Satisfied", 3 stars = "Moderately Satisfied", 5 stars = "Very Satisfied")

      I am satisfied with...

      1. ...with my ability to meet my financial obligations

      2. ...with the income my current job or career provides me.

      3. ...with my spending habits.

      4. ...with the level of debt I carry.

      5. ...with the “extras” that I am able to buy for myself and/or loved ones.

      6. ...with the level and quality of insurance protection I currently have.

      7. ...with the amount of money that I save and invest on a regular basis.

      8. ...with my current investment choices.

      9. ...that I am on track to build a sufficient retirement nest egg.

      10. ...with the level of employee benefits I receive.

      11. ...with my style of personal bookkeeping and financial record management.

      12. ...with my ability to provide financial help to family members.

      13. ...with my estate plan.

      14. ...with my level of charitable giving.

      15. ...with the level of financial education I have attained.

      16. ...with how I respond emotionally to my personal finance issues.

      17. ...with my ability to communicate about my financial matters.

      18. ...with the feelings I have about my money life.

      19. ...that financial issues do not cause stress or strain in the relationships that are important to me.

      20. ...with the working relationships I have with my financial service providers (i.e., insurance agent, banker, broker, financial planner, accountant).

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      Life Transition Survey


      Directions: In each section, select the transitions that you are currently experiencing and those you are likely to experience in the future. In addition, check transitions in the short to mid-term and long-term columns that you either hope to experience or anticipate with concern.

      Work Life Transitions

      1. Change in career path:

      2. New Job:

      3. Promotion

      4. Job loss

      5. Job restructure

      6. Education / retraining

      7. Sell or close business

      8. Transfer family business

      9. Gain a business partner:

      10. Lose a business partner:

      11. Downshift / simplify work life

      12. Sabbatical / leave of absence

      13. Start or purchase a business

      14. Retire:

      15. Phase into retirement

      16. Other

      Financial Life Transitions

      1. Purchase a home:

      2. Sell a home:

      3. Relocate:

      4. Purchase a vacation home / timeshare:

      5. Re-evaluate investment philosophy:

      6. Experience investment gain:

      7. Experience investment loss:

      8. Debt concerns:

      9. Consider investment opportunity:

      10. Receive inheritance or financial windfall:

      11. Sell assets:

      12. Other:

      Family Life Transitions

      1. Change in marital status (marriage):

      2. Change in marital status (divorce):

      3. Change in marital status (widowhood):

      4. Expecting or adopting a child:

      5. Hire child care:

      6. Child entering adolescence:

      7. Child with special needs:

      8. Child w/pre-college expenses:

      9. Child going to college:

      10. Child getting married:

      11. Empty nest:

      12. Family special event (Bat/Bar Mitzvah, anniversary party, trip):

      13. Helping and/or gifting grandchildren

      14. Concern about aging parent

      15. Concern about health of spouse/partner or child:

      Legacy Life Transitions

      1. Increase charitable giving:

      2. Give special financial gifts to children/grandchildren:

      3. Give parental pension (monthly stipend):

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