The Right Way to Think About Money

The right way to think about money starts with not thinking about money. Instead, ask yourself what brings you the most joy and the greatest peace. When you have the answers, it's time to plan.

Your values need to be reflected in your investments and written into your balance sheet. Do you dream about opening a nonprofit art studio? Then that's a line item to fund. Planting an orchard? Flying a stunt plane? Line items. We'll help you create a financial plan that's practical and heartening, with achievable milestones.

A few examples of personal milestones

Family experiences

You want to introduce your children to relatives in Europe, or to volunteering in the Philippines.


It's never too late for that master's degree in German.


First you fund the boat, then you sail the Inside Passage.

Financial independence

This is probably the most popular milestone. The big – and fun! – question is: once you achieve it, what do you want to do?
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