Taking the First Step

Come visit. The first meeting is complimentary. You don't have to organize your figures beforehand: there's no pass/fail system when it comes to getting to know you. What we really want to discover is what gives your life purpose and joy.

You have things you'd like to accomplish. Some are probably very down ­to ­earth; others might seem pretty far­fetched. Let's talk about all of them! Great ideas need to be refined and supported by people who understand what you are trying to do, and who care. Financial planning can be grounded and inventive. Don't give up just yet on being part of the Iditarod.



1. Revisit your childhood.

What did you enjoy doing? What did you dream about? What were you doing when you were feeling happy? What did your imagination create? How did you like to play? What books did you like to read and where did they take you? What subject did you most like to study?

2. Make a creativity board.

Draw or find a picture (or group of pictures) that represent a perfect “10” for you in each of these areas of your life: • Home • Family • Work • Finances • Leisure • Learning • Inner Growth • Community • Health

3. Who are the people who inspire you?

Make a list of 2 to 10 people whom you admire. Then, write down why each person inspires you and what characteristics the group has in common.

4. Start doing what you love

This is the time to throw caution to the wind. If it gives you energy, do it. If it doesn’t give you energy, stop doing it.
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