Service Offerings

We offer Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning, Investment Portfolio Management, and Consultations. Each service we provide is guided, first and foremost, by your vision of the life you want to create.


Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning

When a financial plan is focused on clear personal goals, every part of it is connected and consistent. That means stronger results for you.
  • Cash flow
  • Balance sheets
  • Debt
  • Taxes
  • Savings plans
  • Identifying financial risk
  • Reducing risk
  • Sensible risk assumption
  • Risk transfer
  • Review and analysis of your life insurance and annuity contracts
  • Selecting charities
  • Determining the best way to contribute: donating, volunteering, or a combination
  • Finding the most tax­-efficient way to give
  • Reviewing your current plan to see if changes are needed
  • If necessary, updating durable power of attorney and your health care directive
  • Developing and maintaining an asset inventory
  • Preparing administrators and beneficiaries


Investment Portfolio Management

Creating a portfolio requires two kinds of research. One focuses on investments. The other involves learning your true priorities, so they're reflected in your portfolio. Our services include:
  • Construction of an investment portfolio
  • Investment selections based on academic research – not opinion or guessing
  • Preparation of an investment policy statement detailing how your portfolio will be managed
  • Quarterly performance analysis and reporting
  • Quarterly rebalancing as needed
  • Ongoing investment education


We want you to be able to get answers to your nagging questions without having to commit to comprehensive personal planning or investment portfolio management, so we're available at an hourly rate to answer questions such as:
  • I think I have my finances under control – but am I missing something?
  • Am I on track with my retirement savings?
  • Now that the value of my GET credits has dropped and the program has been revised, should I make a change?
  • What investments should I choose for my 401K?
  • Do I have the right portfolio allocation?
  • Do I have the right level and type of life insurance?
  • Does my estate plan need updating?
  • Is my charitable giving effective and tax ­efficient?
  • Should I buy a house or continue to rent?
  • Can you do a cost analysis and tell me what I'm paying for my investments?
  • Are there ways I can reduce my taxes?
  • What are my responsibilities as personal representative for someone's estate? How can I prepare my children for their inheritance?
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