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Two of the things we enjoy most about financial planning are keeping up with the latest news and thinking in the field, and sharing what we learn with you.

We're lucky to have clients who are, by nature, lifelong learners. If you're reading this, you're probably one too. You're curious about investment strategies, or risk assessment, or how to share estate planning with family members in a fair, diplomatic way. You want to make informed decisions – and we want to encourage you to do this in every way we can.
That's why we offer free Learning Labs. They're open to everyone (an excellent reason to sign up for our newsletter) and held in a welcoming, relaxed environment.
We think that the less mystery there is in financial planning, the better. Our Learning Labs shine light on subjects ranging from cash flow and balance sheets, to risk management, to how to work with your financial advisor. Sound dry? Come be surprised. We'll give you the inside scoop, reveal what to avoid and what to make the most of, ask you thought ­provoking questions, and leave you feeling intrigued and confident about what you want to do next.


Wednesday, May 1st at 6pm

Take Control of Your Money

Do you feel like your cash flow is out of control? Have you tried various cash flow management tools without success? If you answered YES to these questions - as most people do - then you will want to come to the next Allison Spielman Advisors Learning Lab titled, "The Right Way to Manage Cash Flow."

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Examples from Previous Learning Labs:



Create Your Vision to Manage Your Money


Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Management

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