Allison Spielman Story

In 1983, I had the opportunity to re-examine my career choices after relocating to Kent, WA. The emerging profession of financial planning caught my eye. It gave me the opportunity to combine my interest in finance with my passion about education and my desire to help people. Financial planning was the perfect fit.
After 10 years learning the fundamentals, I developed strong philosophical differences with the commission compensation model, which encourages frequent trading to rack up commissions for brokers.

To be true to my values, in August 1997, I started Allison Spielman Advisors along with Debby Morio and Katie Milojevich. From the beginning, our objective was to provide sound personal financial planning, implementation of the plan and portfolio management that was consistent with the financial plan. We also agreed that in all our business dealings we would be guided by the following principles:

  • Each of our clients is a unique individual with unique dreams and goals. We appreciate, enjoy and respect uniqueness.
  • Knowledge, imagination, and creativity are qualities that set us apart from our competition.
  • Each person is endowed with a unique set of skills and talents. It is through mutual respect for each person’s uniqueness that we are able to create the team necessary to search out and bring to bear the resources required to help our clients realize and enjoy their goals.
  • The best way to help clients realize and enjoy their goals is through support from a team of people who are themselves moving toward the realization and enjoyment of their goals.
  • We serve each client in a way that makes him or her feel as though they are our only client.

Each year, our team reviews these value statements and agrees that they are still true. They provide the guidelines by which we run our business.

When we expanded in 2009, Bradley Allen joined our team of professionals. He added humor, amazing abilities with a spreadsheet, and great customer service skills to our already strong team.

Due to our valuable clients, our firm is 15 years young, and ever growing. Are you smart, engaged and interested in planning for your financial future? I invite you to contact us for a private consultation.


Thom Allison