Know Who You’re Hiring

Several kinds of financial professionals can help you with your financial needs. But there are important differences between them, and it’s good to know whose skills fit your needs.

Many financial professionals call themselves “Financial Advisors”. However, their job is to sell financial products and make money for the firm they work for. These people may be knowledgeable about the products they sell but they have no obligation to assure those products are in your best interest.

Putting your interests first

Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) - when making investment recommendations – and Certified Financial Planner® professionals (CFP®s) – when providing financial planning advice – are required to serve your best interest.


Specialists who build and manage portfolios are generally RIAs. CFP®s are comprehensively, rigorously educated and tested financial advisors. We look at every element of your financial life, including your portfolio, before suggesting a strategy. We're big picture, long-term planners. Many years ago, one of our clients sent us a picture of his four very young children, with a note that said, "This is who you're working for." We understand! Today his oldest is beginning her fully-funded college education, and the next three are positioned to follow.

We also love to answer questions. We're educators: passionate about lifelong learning, and about giving you current, relevant information.


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