Personal Financial Management Services

Portfolio Management
  • Based on your financial plan, we determine the amount of risk you have to take to give you a reasonable chance to achieve your goals. We determine an appropriate asset allocation and asset tilt, and buy the initial position.
  • The portfolio is monitored quarterly to determine if it is in balance and if any adjustments need to be made.
  • Quarterly performance reports are sent out so you can monitor progress.
  • When you want distributions from your portfolio, we help you plan for those and we manage the distributions to assure you receive them consistently and timely.
  • Tax implications are always discussed.
Qualified Plans (401(k), TSA, etc)
  • Based on your financial plan we determine the appropriate level of contributions or distributions to help you reach your savings or spending goals.
  • Beneficiary records are maintained and reviewed with you to be sure they are current and consistent with your estate plan.
  • We help roll over and consolidate plans to which you no longer contribute.
Risk Management
  • Your life insurance needs are analyzed and consistently monitored.
  • We review and analyze your current life insurance policies to ensure they give you adequate coverage and to answer questions where needed.
  • We create a performance report for you to review your policies.
  • We can advise with regard to premium payments, loans, withdrawals, and investment choices.
  • We help you identify property & casualty risks and determine if you are adequately insured.
  • We’ll advise about proper documentation of your non-financial assets and we can store valuable documents.
  • Beneficiary records are maintained and reviewed with you to assure they are still current.
  • Your policies are scanned into our system so we have a copy in the event your personal representative has to find it.
Account Records
  • We maintain a record of your checking accounts, savings accounts, non-ASA brokerage accounts, safe deposit box location and other account records.
  • All of this documentation is available for your personal representative in the event of death.
Education Funding
  • We help you define a plan to meet your goal for paying education expenses.
  • We advise on how to set up savings plans that are tax-efficient and are treated favorably on the financial aid application.
  • Grandparent and other non-parental contributions to education are coordinated to provide the benefits without reducing potential financial aid.
  • We evaluate a variety of education savings vehicles to determine which are most appropriate and cost effective.
Savings Plans
  • For common savings goals such as new cars, vacation homes, major home improvements, weddings, sabbaticals, or retirement, we help establish a savings plan and the appropriate savings vehicle.
  • Your tax returns are analyzed to determine appropriate tax-management strategies.
  • The cash flow projections we generate include detailed projected Federal Income Tax calculations and AMT calculations.
  • Tax-reduction strategies are recommended.
Debt Management
  • Your debt structure is evaluated and we provide recommendations to make it tax-efficient.
  • Debt payoff strategies are developed when appropriate.
  • We provide projections that show payoff schedules.
  • We help plan for future debt for major purchases.
Estate Planning
  • We help you think through how you want your estate distributed.
  • Various strategies are “mapped out” to help you and your attorney choose the strategies that are most efficient.
  • Beneficiary records are maintained and reviewed with you to be sure they are current.
  • The titling of your assets is reviewed and monitored to assure they will pass through your estate planning documents as you and your attorney intend.
  • Your estate planning documents are reviewed to assure they are consistent with the estate distribution desires you expressed.
  • We coordinate with your attorney to assure our work on your behalf is consistent with theirs.
  • Your estate planning documents are scanned and maintained so your personal representative can make just one stop at our office to locate all relevant information.
Cash Flow Management
  • Detailed cash flow projections are prepared and updated at least once per year.
  • Multiple cash flow projections to address your, “what if” questions are run to provide you with the information you need to make sound decisions.
  • Cash flow “issues” are identified well in advance so plans to deal with those issues can be developed.
  • We recommend tools to help you manage your cash flow and train you to use those tools effectively.
Charitable Giving
  • We give you custom created tools to help you manage your charitable giving.
  • We recommend strategies to determine when and how to make gifts most efficiently.
  • We evaluate the benefits of giving cash versus appreciated assets and recommend the optimal mix of the two.