Financial Life Planning

Each financial plan is as unique as you are. That is why we’ve created a powerful system to allow your vision for your life to guide your financial plan. And if your vision changes, your financial plan is flexible to change along with it.

Start Here

At Allison Spielman Advisors, we start with your current situation and build upon it by understanding your attitudes toward money, your expectations for the next 5 years, and your vision for the longer range future.  The output is an interactive mind-map for each area of your life: family, home, health, leisure, community, work, finances, learning, and inner growth.
Asset SnapshotWe then take a snapshot of your current financial assets across all categories, including insurance, real estate, stocks, bonds and other asset classes. The output is a financial package organized for easy access to all of your assets. Since cash is king, during the snapshot phase we also create a detailed cash flow analysis to help analyze inflows and projected outflows for a multi-year period. You are able to create “what-if?”  scenarios on the fly or together with our team.
Together with you, we build a plan for your financial future, complete with goals, milestones and timelines. Where needed, we refer you to other financial professionals who specialize in real estate, insurance, tax and legal estate planning services.
At Allison Spielman Advisors we understand that the plan is just the beginning. We help you along the journey to realize your vision by providing a broad range of services and by meeting with you regularly to review and monitor your progress and to encourage you along the way.
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