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Retirement Life

  Retirement Life You can’t teach old dogs new tricks – or can you? What are you going to do when you retire? Most people who retire consider themselves “old dogs” and are convinced that they can’t learn new tricks. However, people who have accumulated 65 or more years of life experiences are, perhaps, in […]

Connecting the Dots

Here is an article by DFA, an investment fund company, on the dangers of investors trying to connect dots and drawing incomplete conclusions: OTF_Connecting_the_Dots 4-2014

Investment Thoughts

  Investment Thoughts Quick, what was the best performing stock in 2013? I’ll give you a hint, which stock (or stocks) performed the worst in 2008? Freddy Mac and Fannie May, the mortgage guarantee companies, is the answer. Would you have had the courage to invest in these two companies last year? I looked for […]

Retirement Investing

  Retirement Investing The good news is that consumer prices over the past year have only increased by 1.1%, well below the Fed’s target of 2.0%. This means those who are on relatively fixed retirement incomes aren’t losing much ground to inflation. However, it is not the time to become complacent. The temptation is to […]

Retirement Planning

  Retirement Planning The headline for a Los Angeles Times article read, “More U.S. workers are confident of a comfortable retirement”. This sounded optimistic until you read the first line that said 18% of Americans are confident they can have a comfortable retirement which was up from 13%. Also, more than a third of the […]

High Frequency Trading

  Last Sunday evening “60 Minutes” on CBS did a story about high frequency trading (HFT) inspired by Michael Lewis’ book titled, “Flash Boys”. The CBS story and the book suggests that small stock investors are being cheated by small, obscure firms with very high speed computers that “front-run” orders to make a profit. This […]

Teaching Your Kids

  Teaching Your Kids If you’re a parent or ever where a parent you have I’m sure you’ve figured out that your kids learn more by observing you than by listening to you. So, what are you teaching them about money management? Every time you make a spending or saving decision your kids will see […]

Social Security

  Social Security It looks fairly straight-forward. You reach retirement age, you retire and the government pays you a monthly benefit. No much to it – right? Well, maybe it’s a bit more complex and there are ways to maximize the benefit the government pays you. For example, if you keep working past your retirement […]

Retirement Planning

  Retirement Planning When talking about retirement planning most people think about saving the financial resources needed to live for 30 or more years without an income. Good start but not enough. Think about how you want to live those 30 plus years. If it involves being mentally sharp and physically fit it will be […]


  Experiences My wife and I just complete a project that involved scanning several old photo slides and prints so we could make a video for my father-in-law’s 90th birthday. The purpose of the project was to capture memories and experiences that were meaningful to him and his family. It was a lot of work […]