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PIMCO Watch…Early Results Look Good

  PIMCO Watch…Early Results Look Good In November the PIMCO Total Return fund generated a 1.0% return, after fees, outperforming its benchmark by +0.29% and ranking in the top 1% of all funds in the Morningstar universe. This followed a strong October. In addition, three key managers who had previously left PIMCO have returned and […]

Frame of Mind

  Frame of Mind When you look at your personal finances, how do you frame your questions? Are you inclined to say, “My finances are not where I want them, what am I doing wrong that I can do less of?” or do you say, “My finances are not where I want them, what am […]

More Market Noise

  More Market Noise I read an article yesterday that started, “Touchy, Touchy. A stock market that could once be counted on to absorb any morsel of goodness and repel all that badness with vigor seems to be growing increasingly fussy…” So what is the market getting fussy about now? Economic trends in Poland seem […]

Staying Current

  Staying Current Are you (or your advisor) staying current with the latest research into financial planning? The rule-of-thumb for “safe” retirement portfolio withdrawals is 4% per year.. If you happen to retire at the beginning of a long bull run in the equity markets that will work fine. However, if you retire at the […]

Alternative Investments

  Alternative Investments Alternative investment mutual funds have enjoyed record inflow and the largest number of new fund launches in the last year. Since “everyone’s doing it” you have to wonder if you should jump on this band wagon. My short answer is: NO. First, consider that the average management fee for one of these […]

Need Help Saving?

  Need Help Saving? Short-term temptations are a powerful way to get us off our long-term savings track. The further away the goal is from right now, the more mental energy required. We struggle to resist the short-term shiny objects in favor of long-term security and enjoyment. So, what can you do to help? Try […]

For Best Results

  If you look closely at the label of almost any product you purchase these days you will see the phrase, “for best results…”. “For best results use only distilled water”; “For best results clean with a solution of vinegar and water monthly”. This started me wondering what a label on an investment portfolio would […]

Devil in the Details

  Devil in the Details  Is your estate plan done, investment strategy set, savings and spending plans laid out? Great, now the work begins. It’s common for people to put a lot of time and effort into these important planning steps and then sit back and feel good because they got that done. They should […]


  Framing So do you want to save some money or lose some weight? No matter what your goal, how you frame it may be the key to your success. When you think about saving money, do you think about what you have to give up or sacrifice in order to put away a few […]

Don’t Plan for Retirement

  Don’t Plan for Retirement Successful retirement is about doing what you want to do without regard to how much money you are making. So, no matter how old you are right now, ask yourself, “If I were to retire today, what would I do with myself?” If you can answer that question clearly and […]